7 NFT Tools You Need to Trade Like a Pro

NFT evaluation tools and rarity checkers can help you keep everyone behind in the NFT investing game.

In 2021, NFTs broke through into the mainstream and disrupted the art industry and many beyond it. The novel technology is still in its infancy, and with billions of dollars poured into NFTs, we can witness yet another popularity spike. It hardly matters if you are a new investor or a seasoned one; NFT evaluation tools and rarity checkers can help you keep everyone behind in the NFT investing game. Like any other investment, having the correct information is the key to success when investing in NFTs. You need to use analytic tools that will help you determine the rarity and availability of your potential investments. We have handpicked 7 NFT tools for you, using which you can find the best NFTs for your next investment in 2022.

1. Rarity.Tools

Most art collectors and creators prefer to use Rarity.Tools in the generative art space.Tools for checking the rarity of NFTs and identifying good deals with notable projects. The website collects real-time data for all NFT art and ranks them in the order of rarity. Unlike other crypto tools that look too analytical, Rarity.Tools have the aesthetics of an art market. The site has a pleasing design throughout and is very user-friendly. You can also filter an NFT collection by unique traits, sale prices, market volume, and so on. You can get more data on the NFT and its price chart in a single click.

Recently Rarity.Tools announced a new feature in which new projects can easily list themselves on the website for 2 ETH per project. You can also use Rarity.Tools to get insights on upcoming NFT projects way before their public mint. Getting in a good project early on can help you get an extremely high return on investment. What's the great thing about Rarity.Tools? It is absolutely free!

2. Dappradar

Dappradar is the best all-in-one website where you can get all information related to crypto, such as NFTs, Exchanges, Games, DeFi, etc. You can also find a ranked list of all decentralized applications. The website is genuinely feature-rich and offers analytical tools that are a must-have for new and experienced NFT investors. Using Dappradar, you can analyze and track various existing NFT projects and discover upcoming projects. The website also provides a Portfolio tracker to monitor your previously acquired assets.

Dappradar uses several parameters for ranking projects based on their prices, market capitalization, and liquidity of the NFTs. You can track the real-time price change in the market and trading volume with the top sales, top collections, new project guides, and the marketplaces to buy them. The free wallet tracker is great for tracking the wallets of big NFT investors and imitating their investment patterns. If you are a beginner, you should check out Dappradar's blog. It has all the essential resources you need to get started with your NFT investing journey, in addition to regular trending news on crypto. 

3. Etherscan

Most NFT enthusiasts use the Ethereum blockchain to buy and sell NFTs. Tracking all the transaction data on the Etherem blockchain can be an overwhelming task, especially for a beginner. Etherscan was created to do all the data tracing for you and presently is the best blockchain explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum. With Etherscan, you can track all Ethereum based tokens, including ERC-721, used for building NFTs on Ethereum. 

You can access all 31,863 (at the time of writing) ERC-721 compliant tokens using Etherscan. The NFT toolset on Etherscan enables users to track the entire history of an NFT project, including prices, transfers, minting, and distribution. Most of the tools that we have discussed (and will discuss) use the Etherscan API in addition to their data analysis for providing us with meaningful estimations. 

4. Moby Insights

Moby Insights is an unpopular NFT tool with which you can get live feed for mint and sales, mint history, and the fastest real-time NFT statistics. As an investor, you can make faster decisions on new trends because Moby Insights has a much shorter window period interval. Users can also choose to receive SMS and Discord alerts for specific activities.

Moby Insights is among the best NFT tracking tools available out there. But if you want access to all of its website utilities, you need to pay for a "Pro" version that costs 0.1 ETH for six months. With the pro version of Moby Insights, you get to access the live data charts, NFT rankings, NFT signals, historical data collection of NFTs, and much more. The price doesn't seem like a bad trade for the features it provides, but you can stick to free tools without missing out on much. 

5. Icy.Tools

Icy.Tools is a fundamental tool to track all your favourite NFT projects, whale wallets, and much more. Icy.Tools is recommended for NFT beginners because it can analyze any collection in real-time with its transparent and straightforward interface. It also shows a ranked list of all NFT collections and gives new project alerts. 

You can enjoy features like tracking the transaction history of your favourite crypto-collectibles and getting the balance on any wallet address. However, you need to subscribe to the premium version at 0.03 ETH per month for the premium features. The premium version has a detailed analysis of projects, in-depth market charts, unlimited wallet tracking, and custom alerts. Like Moby insights, beginners can stick to the free version and make better decisions with their investments. 

6. Traitsniper

Are you looking for the next Bored Ape and want to invest in new projects early on? Traitsniper is an unpopular website that can help you sniff new NFT projects before everyone else. The website has minimalistic features and focuses mainly on analyzing current and upcoming NFT projects. Users can check the rarity status of new NFT projects at 90% accuracy within 2 minutes. The Traisniper bot sniffs the metadata of NFTs and presents you the investment potential according to the rarity score.

Traitsniper has both free and paid versions of its tool with different degrees of monitoring access. The subscription cost is either 0.15 ETH weekly or 0.5 ETH monthly, which you can access via their discord server. Most of the premium features are similar to the free version; the only difference is the early access. For example, premium users get instant notification of newly released collections and their rarity score, while free users will get the same information with some delay. 

7. Raritysniffer

Just like Traitsniper, Raritysniffer is a user-friendly platform that focuses on providing the latest project rankings based on rarity. You can get information about the latest NFT collections and recently sniffed NFT projects as a free user. If you want a thorough analysis of potentially rare NFTs, you need to pay for their premium subscription on their Discord server. With a subscription fee of 1.5 ETH, you can get exclusive access to the rarity status of new NFTs that they sniff even before the public release. They are also coming up with new features for developers that will add more utility to the website. 

This list of top analytical tools to aid your NFT investment journey is in no specific order. Suppose you do not want to pay a buck, Rarity.Tools, Dappradar and Etherscan, are enough to provide you with the necessary information. But going ahead, it is good to use more tools for your research for getting accurate information about the market movement. Paying a low price for getting unique information can be much more rewarding for you in the long run. To make better investments in the NFT space, make sure you use these tools and gain proper insights on the projects.