How to Play Thetan Arena and Earn Money: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking to earn some easy money while playing fun games? In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to make money with Thetan Arena.

How to Play Thetan Arena and Earn Money: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking to earn some easy money while playing fun games? In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to make money with Thetan Arena. Thetan Arena is a cross-platform blockchain e-sport game that brings together the concepts of MOBA and Battle Royale. Either you can play alone or team up with your friends to compete with others and earn crypto rewards with your skills and teamwork. Apart from its engaging gameplay, it is also a free-to-play play-to-earn game, and you can start earning with zero investment!

There are several Heroes in Thetan Arena belonging to different categories. Every Hero has a particular skill called fury and a unique stat according to their role on the battlefield. Earning more in-game tokens (THC and THG) will directly depend on choosing a suitable Hero for every position. When you join Thetan Arena for the first time, you will receive a free Hero, Level 1 Raidon. Free Heroes can not be sold on the marketplace, but you can still increase its level and earn THC tokens. 

What are The Hero Categories?

1. Tank: Tank Heroes are the front liners on the battlefield and are responsible for shielding their entire team. They need to absorb a lot of damage and have very high health but relatively low damage and mobility.

List of Tank Heroes:
  • Veinka
  • Errant Ghost
  • Breaker
  • Lucy Muffy
  • Meiko
  • Konkey

2. Assassin: Assassin Heroes are also known as silent killers as they can engage in a fight, finish the target with combos, and flee without being caught. They have a shallow health point but significant mobility and attack damage, making them deadly killers.

List of Assassin Heroes:
  • Raidon
  • Serp
  • Rei
  • Mortal
  • El Dragon
  • Velvet
  • Mary
  • Taekwon

3. Marksman: If Assassins are the finishers, Marksman Heroes are the main damage dealers. They maintain a high DPS during the battle. They have average health but extremely high damage. 

List of Marksman Heroes:
  • Morrod
  • Clster
  • Steelshot
  • Destroid
  • Benjamin
  • Shanna
  • Phoenix
  • BigPapa
  • Durass
  • Culien
  • Bathos

What are The Hero Stats?

All Heros have two different Level attributes, the Hero Level and the in-game Hero Level. Hero Level represents the base attributes of a Hero. When on the battlefield, players can increase their in-game hero level from 1 to 10, but it resets every match. Apart from the Hero Categories, Heroes also have a rarity determined by two elements, the base rarity, and the skin rarity. With the rarer Hero, you get a better playstyle, abilities, and bonuses in battle rewards. 

Heroes fall under three rarity levels:
  • Common
  • Epic
  • Legendary Hero

You get better-looking Heroes with extra visual effects and bonus battle rewards with increasing skin rarity. 

For each Hero, there are three different skins:
  • Default Skin 
  • Rare Skin 
  • Mythical Skin 

You can also increase the power of any Hero’s custom skill by increasing its trophy class. Trophy class depends on your mastery of the Hero (the number of times you have played it on the battlefield). Trophy classes have corresponding advantages across the grades of H to SS. 

What are The Different Game Modes to Earn Thetan Arena Tokens?

The gameplay of Thetan Arena revolves around the extent of your skills and teamwork. As a player, you will get to challenge yourself with various game modes like Battle Royale (Solo or Duo), Deathmatch, Tower Seige, Super Star, and Custom Battle. You can either match with random players worldwide or play with your friends across different game modes.

1. Battle Royale (Solo or Duo):

In this game mode, 12 people enter the battleground, and the goal is to be the last man standing. Soon after the battle royale starts, a ring-shaped borderline will form on the map. This ring keeps closing in, trapping everyone inside the confined space and eliminating whoever is outside. As a player, you should primarily focus on destroying the supply boxes to gain bonus power boosts and eliminate others to be the sole survivor. It is similar to the battle royale concept of PUBG, where you need quick decision-making to stand above everyone. 

2. Deathmatch:

Your main goal is to get as many kills as possible within the 3-minute timeframe in this game mode. Dying players will keep respawning until the time runs out or a single player gets more than 25 points. To win, you need the most points at the end of the game or score 25 points before anyone else. 

3. Tower Siege:

If you have played Mobile Legends, League of Legends, or DOTA2 before, you must be familiar with this game mode. Here players are divided into two teams (of four players each), and their mission is to destroy the opposing team’s tower. Players need to collect items known as Batteries that you can use to summon troops called Seige Robots. You can only damage the opponent’s tower when your team’s siege robot reaches it. The time limit in this mode is 4 minutes, so the game will end whenever one of the towers gets destroyed or when time runs out. If none of the towers are destroyed within the time limit, the team with more tower health wins. 

4. Super Star:

Eight players enter the battlefield and try to capture the Superstar. The goal is to collect the Point Starts Produced by the mother Superstar and gain match points. If a team has 50 match points more than their opponent team, they win. There is a 4-minute time limit in this game mode, and after 4 minutes, whichever team has more matchpoint wins. 

5. Custom Battle:

If you want to play only with your friends, you can create custom matches. You can host custom matches with your friends for any game mode, map, and the number of players. The time limitation depends on the game mode you choose.

What are The Battle Rewards?

Thetan Coin (THC) and Thetan Gem (THG) are the two in-game currencies of Thetan Arena. You can earn gTHC tokens in-game what you can later claim as THC tokens. Players can use THC to trade on the simple and easy-to-use online marketplace. Your earned rewards will depend on the match results and the rarity of your Hero and skin. Your account should be more than 12 days old if you want to claim your THC for the first time.

Win Bonus

How to Earn Money By Playing Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a play-to-earn game that allows you to earn real money by playing the game. As easy as it may sound, the earnings depend on many factors. Let us look at how it works and get a better understanding.

1. Free-To-Play

Thetan Arena first initiated the free-to-play concept in its first version. As a beginner, you will be given a free Hero to earn the native currency (Thetan Coin). After reaching a certain rank, you will receive your second and third free Heroes. You can use these Heroes to play any game mode any number of times, but they have certain limitations:

  • Free Heroes offer very few opportunities for earning THC compared to Premium Heroes. 
  • You can not participate in Special Events using free Heroes.
  • It is not possible to evolve free Heroes to Thetan Heroes
  • Free Heroes can not be bought, sold, or traded on the Thetan marketplace.

The only way you can earn THC in free-to-play is by collecting trophies and clearing milestones. You can use these THC tokens to buy Premium Heroes or sell them for real money. But we highly advise you to get your hands on some Premium Heroes as it will significantly boost your earning potential.

2. Pay-To-Play

When you buy Heroes from the marketplace or obtain them from Thetan Boxes, you get several added advantages on the battlefield. You can either get these Premium Heroes using real money or in-game earned currency. With Premium Heroes, you can also participate in Special Events on top of the existing game modes. Thetan Arena hosts Special Events like Campaign, Collection, War, and Leaderboard Competition, where you can win various rewards. 

Premium Heroes can be seen as digital assets that can earn money over time with active battling. You can rent your Premium Heroes to players who can not afford to buy one for themselves. This way, players can utilize their time and skills to earn in-game tokens more efficiently, and you get a share of the profit without having to play the game actively.

Some Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro in Thetan Arena:

As a beginner in a new game, it takes time and practice to get used to the game mechanism. We have some additional tips that can help you significantly improve your gameplay from the beginning. 

1. Know Your Playing Field:

It would be best to approach every game mode with a strategy suited for that mode. To achieve that, you need to know every available arena in-game. The arenas across modes vary a lot, and you need a different approach for all of them. When playing Deathmatch in a team, it is better to cover a greater area of vision by spreading out. But you should not spread out too much because you need to support other team members. 

2. Focus on Team Game:

In Thetan Arena, you earn the most from playing Deathmatches. Team gameplay becomes very important for every player as with proper coordination, you have a significant advantage over other teams. We suggest you play with family and friends to quickly climb up the leaderboard and get the most of Thetan Arena. 

3. Utilize Bushes and Covers:

You can flee from enemies, take cover, and plan surprise attacks on enemies using various available objects on the map. You need to know about the weapons and the attack types to take full advantage of other players using the bushes, walls, and other objects.

4. Keep Check On Your Health:

If you play an assassin-type Hero with low health, healing becomes extremely important. In Thetan Arena, you need to damage enemy players and simultaneously prevent your health from dropping to zero. It would help if you kept healing yourself from time to time; else engaging with enemies becomes very difficult. 

It was a dream for most of us to earn money while playing video games as a kid. With the help of blockchain technology, the dream of the past is a reality of the present. Thetan Arena allows players to experience the play-to-earn mechanics without forcing them to spend anything out of their pocket. If you like MOBA games, like DOTA and league, Thetan Arena can be the game for you. The better player you are in terms of skills and teamwork, the more you earn. We suggest you use the free Heroes to get a good hold of the gameplay. After you have figured out the strategies for winning, you can invest money to buy Heroes or open boxes and capitalize on your money.