3D Animator

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 2, 2022

You will join the Illuvium animation team and work on both creatures and characters for in game and cinematic content. The style is semi-realistic.


You will work with 5 other animators under the supervision of the Lead Animator to animate cycles for a wide variety of creatures.

Job Requirements

  • Expert in Maya, Mid to Senior level, ( 3+ years ), Juniors will be considered if the reel shoes great potential!
  • Ability to adapt quickly to the pipeline and required speed.
  • Demo reel needs to demonstrate a great sense of timing and animation principles on creatures and humanoids.
  • Examples of actions that we are looking for include creature walk cycles, body mechanic actions , fighting actions and death animations.
  • Experience with Animation Studio Library.
  • Please share a Demo reel and your LinkedIn Profile.

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