Community Support Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 3, 2022

Support Engineer's primary job is to provide internal tooling support for the customer happiness org as well as serve as a technical interface between support and engineering. Community enthusiasm and experience are a plus, but not a requirement.


- Resolve customer issues via email and Discord.

- Support primarily self-managed users including creators, buyers/sellers, and developers.

- Create and update internal documentation (and possibly external) based on customer interactions.

- Work alongside Engineering and Product Management by adding input on what our users pain points are with the existing product.

- Engage with more technical communities using OpenSea, get feedback on their current challenges, and provide roadmap feedback on these items (APIs, SDKs, Minting tooling, etc)

Job Requirements

- Conversant in Python; experience with Solidity or Rust a plus but not required.

- Experience with online decentralized communities a big plus.

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