CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 20, 2022

This role will architect, manage and maintain all aspects of SuperRare’s CRM technology stack including:

  • Email marketing including advanced segmentation and workflow design and build
  • Landing page design
  • Web forms
  • Form handlers
  • Data and system integration/flow
  • Data integrity
  • Automation and lead delivery
  • KPI delivery
  • Dashboard setup and reporting
  • General maintenance and support


  • Maintain and update HubSpot data in line with SuperRare best practices.
  • Act as internal HubSpot support including managing data requests, troubleshooting existing setup, managing user access & permissions, and auditing workflows.
  • Explore Hubspot APIs to enable our teams build robust integrations and provide recommendations for process optimization based on current state challenges
  • Utilize Hubspot’s developer tool to architect custom solutions
  • Work closely with various team members and data analysts from multiple departments to adapt use-cases, best practices, and to ensure process alignment.
  • Conduct HubSpot Training for all new and existing hires where necessary.
  • Develop, audit, and maintain reports and dashboards for all relevant departmental teams. Configuring customer database and back-end software parameters to meet customer requirements
  • Manage and oversee the digital marketing team
  • Help develop and build our growth marketing strategy focused on acquisition best practices, technologies, and trends.

Job Requirements

  • 5-7 years' experience administering Hubspot and Marketing Automation Experience
  • You have proficient knowledge of the business strategies and functions that companies use HubSpot to help them with (ie. inbound marketing, inside sales, etc.)
  • You have experience with basic troubleshooting and auditing performance within HubSpot
  • Inbound certification or HubSpot certification a plus
  • Have strong communication skills, excellent attention to detail, be well-organized and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously with a tenacious belief in hitting deadlines and meeting commitments
  • Strong work ethic with a positive and passionate attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively based on customer requirements
  • Passion for digital marketing with a strong understanding of inbound marketing Demonstrate analytical thinking and independent management skills
  • Understanding of major social media platforms
  • Knowledge of email marketing best practices
  • Proficient in MS Excel.
  • Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge
  • Proficient in SQL.
  • Experience creating and updating business processes, workflow automations, segmentations, and personalization. Experience creating and extracting reports and building dashboards.
  • Strong stakeholder management skills – you effectively manage the needs and expectations of different groups.
  • Great problem-solving skills – every problem has an answer, and you’ll find or create it.
  • Strong data analysis skills – you can summarize and meaningfully interpret complex data sets.
  • High level of attention to detail – you take pride in the accuracy of your work, nothing gets by you.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills – you tailor your messaging and make sure you’re understood by your audience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills – you actively build and maintain relationships with others.
  • Flexible work style – you’re able to collaborate across teams, and to work independently.
  • Strong time management and organizational skills – you’re able to prioritize workload and meet deadlines.
  • Experience with Unbounce, Google Analytics, a plus

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