Data Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 5, 2022

We're looking for an experienced and entrepreneurial data engineer with an enthusiasm for building and scaling our data infrastructure with modern technologies like Snowflake, Airflow, Looker, Kafka, Spark, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, and Postgres. This individual will be the first data engineering hire at Opensea.


- Build out the data infrastructure that will serve future dashboarding, A/B testing, warehousing, and machine learning.

- Working with the rest of the data team and engineering team to understand the need of our data stack.

- Making critical decisions for Opensea’s data stack to serve internal and external customers like data science, operations, product, and marketing.

Job Requirements

- 5+ years of experience in data engineering/data science/data analytics fields.

- Operate under ambiguous and fast moving problem spaces, often cross-functionally.

- An ability to write high quality, well tested code.

- Potential to grow into a leadership position as the team expands.

- (nice to have) A passion or growing interest in decentralized technologies.

- (nice to have) An understanding of the basic mechanics of blockchain applications and dApps.

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