Director of Community

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 8, 2022

We are looking for an experienced Director of Community who will work on overseeing, building, and managing the Community team in order to foster the world’s best art community.

We value creativity, hustle & grit, combined with low ego and the practice of servant leadership. If you're motivated by telling compelling stories and building multi-functional marketing teams with a mission-driven orientation to succeed - you'll fit right in

We are an all-remote company, but prefer that you have availability during US work hours (PST←→EST) to facilitate better collaboration with your core team. The Community Lead will report to the Chief Product Officer


  • You will manage a team of community builders, defining and guiding the community development strategy
  • You will oversee and manage a world-class customer support experience, focusing on user satisfaction, process automation, and strong user feedback loops with the rest of the team
  • You will launch, oversee, and operate community and crypto governance initiatives such as proposal and public voting workflows
  • You will develop, launch and oversee community grants and bounty programs
  • You will engage with the Blockchain, NFT and Crypto community in an authentic, friendly and meaningful way ensuring that the SuperRare brand is maintained throughout.
  • You will work with social media and content teams to elevate the SuperRare voice in relevant conversations within the community.
  • You will develop consensus building strategies and execute on that strategy within the community
  • You will build ambitious KPI’s around response times to ensure that the community’s experience with SuperRare is first class

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years experience leading Community Management teams and initiatives in relevant industries (gaming, crypto/blockchain, creator platforms etc.)
  • Strong track record of leading successful community and customer focussed teams
  • Strong knowledge of the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem
  • You will have excellent communication skills, with the ability to provide authentic experiences to the community and a strong understanding of when to implement different tone of voice in a variety of situations
  • You will have experience of working with different teams internally and externally to get the answers necessary
  • You have a strong focus on speed when engaging in conversations and with customers to ensure a stellar experience

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