Experiential Production Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
March 30, 2022

OpenSea is looking to hire an Experiential Production Manager on our Community team. We're looking for someone who can co-design a creative events strategy, in partnership with our Head of Community and an Events Coordinator (think: bespoke, interactive, creative events vs traditional booths). As an early member of our Events team, you will own a calendar of conferences and community events, working together with our Head of Community to decide the types of side events/popups/activations we want to produce at each of those conferences. In this role, you will be the key driver of designing and executing events that reflect OpenSea as the most creative web3 brand and leader in the NFT industry.


  • Co-design and architect higher level events strategy designed for OpenSea community members
  • Work directly with the Head of Community to build an events strategy—questions we’ll ask ourselves: which events do we want to produce and why; what are we doing at these events to express unique creativity; and how are we going to create a ‘wow’ moment at every event that leaves our community swept off their feet?
  • Overall events strategy will vary, but generally includes: producing multiple ‘flagship’ events of low 7 figure budgets, partnerships for larger conferences, producing side events/dinners/gatherings/parties to piggyback on larger conference circuit
  • Work directly with and manage the Community Events Coordinator to leverage as an asset to push along more housekeeping and logistical items so that this role can focus on experiential design and creative control of our events
  • Bid out budget requests to different agencies or production teams to make sure we’re getting the top caliber experience that’s most aligned with our brand at the most competitive price
  • There may be some element of event planning or experiential design of developer focused events (hackathons or grants-led initiatives) in addition to community events
  • OpenSea may consider including partners in some/most of the larger events we produce—this role will incorporate a partnerships strategy, executing upon what we believe to be creative and tasteful as we take creative control of our events while meeting partnership goals
  • This role will involve travel to all of the key events, likely with days of lead time leading up to make sure the production team is on-track
  • OpenSea is looking to be the leader in creative productions and experience driven events—we want to be the anti-conference, anti-booth-in-convention-center brand, and instead lean into the relationships with the artists we have to create a world class creative experience

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years in event production roles—this can include managing an in-house production team as well as outsourcing production to different production teams/agencies
  • Experience, background, or relationships in event partnerships is a huge plus
  • Relationships with creative production teams or web3 native producers is a plus
  • Process driven: someone who can work on a 3-5+ month planning schedule and can make sure everything and everyone is on track—including staying on top of vendors, local production teams, experiential partners, and all other partners that will bring the event to life and making sure internal team members are moving along their deliverables will be equally as important
  • Track record of producing unique, creative, experiential of high budgets and world class caliber
  • Mindset of ‘no task too big, no task too small’—you can handle pulling the levers of large budget experiences, and you can handle pushing the paperwork for it too
  • You’re scrappy—OpenSea operates like a startup, and finding ways to be resourceful for our events (and particularly for our budget) is essential
  • Strong work ethic, hustle, communication, writing ability, and business development sensibility
  • Deep curiosity, relentless resourcefulness, and a growth mindset
  • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks in a rapidly shifting landscape
  • Familiarity with the NFT/crypto space, either professionally or personally is a plus

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