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Head of Game Design

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 10, 2023

We are looking for a passionate and innovative thought leader to run game design across our portfolio of sports products.

The ideal candidate has proven experience shipping gaming experiences in a variety of different categories including games-as-a-service, mobile and web platforms. You bring a desire to pioneer gaming and products on blockchains and decentralized platforms that will change the landscape of collectible gaming forever. You have experience managing a roster of diverse creatives and a passion for unlocking success in others. Deep understanding of the world’s largest sports leagues is a huge benefit.


  • Lead the design of the most innovative and best-in-class Web3 experiences as measured by key results co-developed with the executive team; Retention & Engagement, Acquisition & Conversion, LTV, Increased total market value, etc.
  • Establish an overall template and approach to collectibles and gamification that can be applied across products of varying maturity.
  • Develop a unified approach to analytics, data-driven decision making and management of the economic health of live NFT products.
  • Establish operating practises for content creation with an eye to value, market activity and retention.
  • Design features (from vision to specifics) that enhance the player experience and drive target OKRs.
  • Drive innovation through development of hypotheses, live experimentation and iteration in the constantly evolving category of Web3 gaming.
  • Establish quality bars and driving delivery of the key live service components of the experiences including fluid product economics, quest / missions, metagame systems and community events.
  • Lead, train and hire a best-in-class game design team to service all sports products.
  • Lead creative services as needed, including art, graphic design, product design, copywriting and user research.
  • Job Requirements

    • Deep game design experience including all phases of development, production and live operations.
    • Design, deployment and refinement of monetization features and live economy balancing.
    • Management of mid-to-large sized teams, focused on game designers but the ideal candidate has experience with UX, art and production.
    • A passion for emerging technologies, in particular decentralization, blockchain and NFTs.
    • A focused determination to ship quality experiences in a world of dynamically changing requirements.
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