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Lead Infrastructure Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
May 18, 2022

We’re looking for a Lead Infrastructure Engineer to join the Flow Blockchain team at the technical core of an organization that’s completely reshaping how distributed applications on blockchains can reach massive audiences.

We depend on this role to architect, build, and iterate on resilient, scalable systems and also to guide the rest of the engineering team.

You’ll join our highly motivated team and help us launch and maintain reliable products and services with your experience and skills.  You’ll play a key role in evolving and improving the infrastructure and automation which sustains the Flow blockchain nodes we operate. Throughout you’ll work closely with the blockchain engineering team to scale core Flow infrastructure and related frameworks to meet the eventual demands of a billion user account base. You’ll be empowered to fully apply your experience, lessons learned, and leadership skills in an environment with high standards for software quality, correctness and performance.


  • Maintain and advance effective infrastructure and systems for the Flow blockchain ensuring  scalability, resilience, and reliability to meet the needs of the fast growing account base and evolving features.
  • Iterate on processes to improve our ability to ship fast while maintaining high quality systems that we can depend on.
  • Enhance tools and automation to fill the gaps in our current systems as well as build entirely new ones as we face bigger and more complex challenges.
  • Respond to infrastructure incidents and support the larger Flow blockchain engineering team with their incident response strategy.
  • Perform postmortems and in-depth root cause analysis to ensure we are always improving.

Job Requirements

  • You have deep experience in, and a passion for, system scalability, resilience, reliability and automation in the varied ways this can be realized.
  • You are data driven and inform your approach based on facts and evidence. You are calm in the face of operational faults and failures and bring a methodological mindset to your problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • You have a demonstrated and deep understanding of the SDLC, OSes, networking, performance optimization, debugging and troubleshooting principles and practices. Your belief in automation is paramount and is the one of the ways you've achieved significant impacts in your career.
  • You are self motivated and inherently a technical leader. You are receptive to the ideas and advice of others and work collaboratively to achieve shared outcomes.
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