Security Intern

Job Description

Posted on: 
May 18, 2022

We are looking for a security engineering intern who will work with the SuperRare Labs Security, Engineering, & SRE teams. We value creativity, hustle & grit, combined with low ego and the practice of servant leadership. We are an all-remote company, but do require that you have availability during US work hours EST to facilitate better collaboration with your core team. This role will report to the Security Team Lead.


  • Contribute to the security of our infrastructure and platform
  • Collaborate with our security team to build a high-security DeFi environment on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Help develop internal tooling
  • Engineer security automations
  • Help to prevent, detect, and fix any related bugs

Job Requirements

  • Some background or education in software security or security engineering
  • A basic understanding of containerization or familiarity with Docker images
  • A passion for learning new things and tinkering with technologies
  • An understanding of blockchain basics and the concept of a smart contract
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