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Senior / Staff Software Engineer – Dapper Wallet (Ethereum)

Job Description

Posted on: 
May 18, 2022

We are looking for product-minded, user experience-driven engineers to join the small and mighty team maintaining the non-custodial Dapper Smart Contract Wallet on Ethereum (Chrome extension, Android app, and Go backend). Dapper is one of the first consumer-oriented smart contract wallets, and still today among the most popular wallets with over 50k downloads across the different platforms.

Our team has been focused on building out the custodial Dapper experience on Flow blockchain (you can see it in action on nbatopshot.com) – we're now getting ready to turn our focus to improving the Ethereum experience and eventually combining the two products into the first cross-blockchain wallet experience. We want people to be able to take their CryptoKitties on Ethereum today over to Flow and play with them in a high-throughput environment without any friction or loss of value, and we want people to be able to start custodial and eventually take custody of their own keys and assets over time as they gain familiarity with the platform.

Titles or years of experience don't matter to us – impact, authenticity, and values alignment do. We are now a remote-first team but mostly on PST so time zone alignment helps too :)


  • Quickly gains proficiency when exposed to unfamiliar technical patterns, systems, or languages
  • Is able to unblock colleagues when they are faced with technical challenges
  • Is a strong communicator who can collaborate well with other non-technical functions (e.g. Product & Design)
  • Has the courage to try out new tools, fail fast, and dive into unknowns to solve new and challenging problems
  • Job Requirements

    • Familiar with our commonly used technology choices (Golang, Node, Javascript)
    • Developed decentralized applications, infrastructure, or interacting with blockchains
    • Understand the deployment process, and is comfortable with docker, containers, and kubernetes
    • Familiar with event driven architectures, Kafka, and comfortable with eventual consistency
    • Have a strong understanding of application and API security
    • Have expertise in payments
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