Senior VFX Artist, Unreal Engine

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 2, 2022

You will use Unreal’s Niagara VFX system to create a variety of different effects for each of the creatures in battle and the Rangers that fight alongside them. Each of them have their own set of unique abilities that require VFX. In this role, you should be an analytical and creative designer who is able to understand how to create visually stunning effects efficiently and in a timely manner. Ultimately, you will make our game stand out from the crowd with attractive effects that draw in a large and diverse player base.


  • Create next level visual effects using Unreal Engine’s Niagara particle system that match up to design and vision for the game
  • Debug and profile all VFX systems for performance optimization
  • Help improve the workflow/pipeline for VFX production
  • Collaborate with a large team of artists and game designers across numerous disciplines to create a coherent final product

Job Requirements

  • At least 3 Years Experience creating particle systems for video games
  • Extensive experience with the Niagara Particle System
  • Extensive experience with Unreal Engine Blueprint Graph system
  • Experience creating high quality VFX materials
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