Software Engineer, Android

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 20, 2022

We're looking for an experienced, detail-oriented software engineer with an enthusiasm for building and scaling high-performance, feature-rich, well-tested, and polished applications. This individual will spearhead core features for a brand new native android OpenSea application.


- Build out well-tested, polished user experiences and applications using Kotlin and modern technologies.

- Shepherd products from designs and specifications to release in Google Play Store.

- Deliver high quality code and features through test-driven development.

- Continuously improve Android development technology and optimize the development process.

Job Requirements

- 4+ years of professional experience writing high quality, well tested Android native code with Java and/or Kotlin.

- Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyze information and identify and formulate solutions to problems.

- Solid coding skills with good understanding of basic data structures and multithreading programming.

- (nice to have) Experience analyzing data and A/B testing.

- (nice to have) Experience contributing to open source projects or building side projects.

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