Software Engineer, Search and Discovery

Job Description

Posted on: 
January 7, 2022

We are looking for an experienced engineer who can develop and improve OpenSea’s search and discovery features. You'll work closely with product management and product design to understand how our users explore our inventory and you will architect the systems to most effectively satisfy our users’ needs.  You’ll build features that deeply understand the interests of our users so we can engage them at the right time by improving our query understanding, optimizing precision through learn-to-rank, or aiding recall via query rewriting.


- Augment our query rewriting techniques by utilizing synonyms, spell correction, knowledge graph augmentation, and query to query similarity.

- Design and implement efficient ranking algorithms and models that optimize for multiple objective functions.

- Evolve our query understanding by combining named-entity recognition models with our user profile metadata.

- Develop machine learning models to improve our ranking precision, classify incoming queries, and personalize the results based on a user's preferences and intent.

- Help build a highly scalable, highly available, fast and reliable Search & Discovery platform to index billions of images, documents and other assets in real-time.

- Lead the technical direction for search / recommendation query services, search indexing, data mining, Search algorithms, Visual Search & deep learning.

Job Requirements

- 5+ years of industry experience in information retrieval, natural language processing, and data mining.

- Deep domain expertise with search-related technologies such as Elasticsearch, Solr or Lucene.

- Experience with search ranking quality evaluation and metric-driven ranking tuning techniques.

- Strong proficiency with backend development, service-oriented architecture, SQL/NoSQL datastores, and event-driven systems.

- Knowledge of end-to-end ingestion pipelines, both batch and realtime, that are low latency and easy to reason about.

- Experience with the AWS ecosystem and microservices.

- Experience aligning design, product and engineering goals.

- Familiarity with the basic principles and activities of data science - collecting and cleaning data; extracting and evaluating features; designing, building, and training a model; evaluating results.

- Efficient, practical programmer with a record of producing maintainable code.

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